Austrian Pancakes, Crepes, Palatschinken, Eierkuchen

Since I didn’t take a picture of THE pancake strip soup in discussion, I am posting one for representation.

Austrian Crepes/Pancakes

At Erna’s Gourmet we serve Austrian Pancakes filled with Apricot Jam.

Then came the question: so, what are Fritatten? I looked at her wondering what to say now… although we were both speaking in German I knew she will not understand what would come next.

In loss of words I still said: they’re made from Palatschinken.

Of course I get that look back, that I’ve seen on many occasions in my life: what is this woman up to?

A short discussion on ingredients, mode of cooking, etc. brings us to the conclusion: Austrian Fritatten are called Eierkuchen in Germany and now we call them Austrian crepes or Austrian Pancakes in English.


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