Erna Goes Karlbad

Karlbad in the Nock Mountains, Carinthia, Austria

THis is the place where my granny used to spend time during summers.

My grandmother would often tell me about the eight-hour-long walk from her home to the Karlbad. Although a strenuous journey for a kid, it used to be one of her highlights during summers.

Till date, the Karlbad functions without electricity or mobile-connectivity. Can you imagine?

But maybe that’s why it is today a place sought after by managers, busy-bees, and people who need to unwind after long periods of hard work.

It was the serenity of the place that entangled my grandmother – and the Karlbad still seems to have a similar effect on its guests when Erna’s nephew, who now runs the place with his son, shouts: “Booodn!”

Check out the Karlbad:


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