Reconciling with “The Sound of Music”

One of the most successful movies in the history of Hollywood.

Super sentimental, full of cliches: just Austrian.

In 11th standard we went to Canada, Quebec for a class exchange to learn French. This was also the first time we saw “The Sound of Music”. Our Quebecoises counterparts decided to tell us what they know of Austria.

I was in a sort of shock watching the movie – no! this is not my Austria: mountains, women in Dirndl, lake-scenes, singing and dancing.

In my mind Austria was so much more: my friends, my family, the alternative music scene in my home-town, artists questioning the status quo and more.

Over the years I have reconciled with the fact that “The Sound of Music” is part of being recognized as an Austrian. Alright, not Australia, the kangaroos – it’s Austria, “The Sound of Music”.

I love clichés!

Click here for more information on The Sound of Music.


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