Presenting Our Very First Baby: Erna’s HerbButter

Presenting: Our Very First Baby: Erna's HerbButter

Back in 2007, I was doing my morning yoga to relax my nerves due to work-related stress. Suddenly it struck me that that’s what I wanted to do: Herb Butter…

Erna’s first product was born: a butter infused with fresh garden-herbs.

With big plans I decided to launch Erna’s HerbButter in the market and went to Khan Market, Vasant Vihar and all the places that would love my butter.

Alright, that’s how it went 99 times out of 100: I go into the shop, ask to talk to the owner, who most of the times sits at the cash counter. (I had learned after a few years in India, that people love to be called Sir, Madam, didi, bhaiya, uncle, aunty)

“Sir, would you like to keep this product?”

“What is it?”

“Sir, it is a herb butter made to a traditional Austrian recipe.” Inevitably I got a blank look back. No, not because he was not impressed with the herb butter or he didn’t know a HerbButter.

My Austrian accent simply distorted the word “butter”. His thought-process was visible: did she speak Hindi, English, German, French, what?

The next look clearly stated: What is this woman up to?

My dear friends started giving me accent brush-ups – to no avail. An Upper Austrian accent can be neutralized into an Austrian accent but it will inevitably fail you when selling butter to a shop keeper in the poshest markets of New Delhi.

I’ve given up on improving my accent and still love Erna’s very first product: Erna’s HerbButter!


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  1. Whatever it is – your herb butter or any other of your delicious products – I love Erna`s Gourmet!

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