The Perfect Lunch

Ooops, here should be a Kichidi image

that’s not our Kichidi!

Today I would like to share my dadi’s (my father’s mother’s) recipe with you: Kichidi with Aloo Chokha. Here it is:

A Kichidi and Aloo Chokha lunch at my parent’s home in Millstatt comes side-by-side with a full-on drama: from deciding the lunch menu, to finding all the ingredients, till the time the Kichidi is served and our stomachs slightly over-stretched due to over-eating.

My mother gets subjected to my father’s and my non-stop chatter about how to prepare the perfect Kichidi, my father would tell me how his mother cooked it, I listen in awe and try to remember the details of an intricate meal, such as Kichidi.

Alright, I accept, Kichidi and Aloo Chokha does make us go a bit (actually completely) over the top – and I understand my mother’s rather cold reaction: yes, the rice and dal mash is nice.

By the time the most amazing lunch is finished my father wonders: what makes Kichidi such an amazing, super-fabulous, delicious, aromatic, perfectly spiced lunch?

It’s all about memories, the ultimate experience!

I assume that you do not need my list of ingredients anymore and truly hope you have your own perfect recipe.

Enjoy your Monday and have a good week ahead!

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