Rants about Heimat

Written by: Maya

Forget about the translation into English,

even in German the meaning of the wo

rd “Heimat” is widely discussed. Therefore I am presenting here my own definition or rather explanation of it.

“Heimat” connotes the place where I was born, where I grew up, and above all the places and the people who influenced the formation of the “me” – overall, there is a sense of belonging.

oops, here should be the Church of St. Peter/Radenthein

Church of St. Peter/Radenthein, Carinthia, Austria. Memory & Heimat-feeling: I used to run up the hill, would enter the pic on the leftern lower corner, run over the grass to the shop on the right to buy groceries.

This idea of Heimat gives me a sense of belonging and anchorage and is at the same time fluid, elusive and continuously on the move. It seems to be a steady re-invention of where I belong and who I am.

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