Kids, healthy eating habits: tips & tricks.

“Eat your salad, finish the spinach, try the soup!” memories of your childhood? Catching yourself telling the same to your own kids now? Still waiting for them to start liking those super-healthy vegetables?

Let’s face it: health is just the fantastic outcome or the aim, but it generally fails to be persuasive as an argument.

Here are some tips and tricks how you can out-smart yourself 😉

  •  Kids love what they are used to and not what is tasty to them. Serving a new vegetable or dish repeatedly helps kids to get used to the look, texture, and taste.
  •  You are a role-model. When you want your junior to eat something, it helps when you eat the same veggie or dish yourself – with joy, pleasure and delight.
  •  Better than cooking different meals for the wide range of palates available in your family, involve your children in the shopping process. If you can’t take them to the market, let them choose which vegetables you should bring. It teaches your kids to take decisions and they’ll look forward to the vegetables they chose.

With Erna’s Gourmet you can create an edgy difference to your children’s vegetables:

…serve cucumber and carrots pieces with Erna’s Hummus.

… make a sandwich: spread Erna’s Rucola Spread  on multigrain bread, add sliced red, green and yellow capsicum and enjoy!

… serve Erna’s BroccoliHam or Erna’s SpinachFeta Quiche in fingerfood size at you junior’s next birthday party.

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