Birthday party, kitty party, or having friends over? Ensure good food.

I’m sure you have one or the other friend who is famous for being a good host. Do you wonder sometimes what s/he does differently?

oooops, that's embarassing, here should be an OliveWalnut Canape

In my experience good hosts generally make smart choices.

In order to focus on actually entertaining and interacting with their guests they delegate tasks that can easily be done by others.

A friend of mine who is a fantastic host says she spends a considerable amount of time in actually interacting with people rather than hiding somewhere in the kitchen organising the waiters to serve food and drinks. Another smart thing she does is to put some thought into decoration rather than cooking elaborate meals since she believes the effort is not worth the return she gets.

My friend has over the years established strong relationships with her caterers, decorators and tent houses. She feels that being able to trust on them is half-way gained for her fabulous and famous parties.

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