Who said Austrian Food is Boring?

Apple Strudel-framed

Many times, when I am introduced to people as Austrian cuisine chef people give me a blank look and ask: so what do you cook? Boil potatoes and fry meat?

Doesn’t sound very exciting, isn’t it?

BUT, wait a minute, did you know that, over the centuries, Austrian food has been influenced by the scrumptious cuisines of its neighboring countries such as Italy, Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland and more?

That means, we have our very own ravioli, and they are delicious. Even our national dish, the Wienerschnitzel is often reclaimed by our neighbors in Italy as Milanese Escalope. Imagine, even the dessert that we Austrians are so proud of as our very own tradition: Austrian apple strudel apparently stems from the Turkish baklava, isn’t that fun?

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