A Letter to You About Change & Good Food

rucola quiche olive walnut spread

Delicious food for you to offer at your next party.

Dear friend of good food,

isn’t it beautiful to observe seasons in change?

The temperatures are close to bearable now, friends are returning back to the city, and the energy to organize a party starts brewing.

Speaking of change, you might be able to relate when I tell you that I often want to try something new but then I keep hesitating and postponing it – simply out of fear it could go wrong… it might be a new dish on the menu, or a change in the way we deliver our services. Later, once everything is done and the new dish or service is a success (how else could it be 😉 ) then I realise I was simply scared of that fabulous & ever so constant event called “change”.

Can you relate? Itching for some change too? You might start by offering delicious European food to your friends and loved ones at your next party.

You could offer your guests dishes they know, like sandwiches or lasagne and spice it up with some lesser known and equally delicious specialties like spaetzle and goulash.

We will be happy to assist you with small parties for 10 to 50 people. For menu options and bookings get in touch today on +91-98 188 955 46 or order@ernas.at

I look forward to meeting you at your next party!


Maya-Lisa Shanker

(Erna’s Gourmet)

for catering and home delivery come on over to http://www.ernasgourmet.com

call us 98 188 955 46

email us order@ernas.at

Connect with us…

http://www.facebook.com/BeOurGuestAtErnas | http://www.twitter.com/ErnasGourmet | www.ernasgourmet.wordpress.com



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