Beautiful Haveli & Good Food

ooops. here should be the invite for A Celebration of Design, Art and Culture

Today, I’d like you to know about a beautiful place in Chattarpur, a haveli that has been lovingly restored by Serendipity – to run a concept store.

You can also book the place for a special get-together or brunch, serve food prepared by Erna’s Gourmet & create a memorable experience for your friends and family.

This weekend is a nice opportunity to check them out because they are organising a super-interesting event:  “A Celebration of Design, Art & Culture”.

… fall in love with QREOH’s collection – those amazing people who discover independent designers for you,

…. or shop cloths for your kids at Ek Karkhana,
… listen to fabulous performers like Vidya Shah
… there will be more, more, more for you to watch, listen & shop.
Sounds like a plan? Enjoy your weekend!

P.s.: for bookings of the location, get in touch with Kuldeep Kaur at serendipitydelhi13[at]gmail[dot]com

How to get to Serendipity:

Directions:       6 easy steps to get to the fabulous Serendipity haveli.

  1. cross the Chattarpur red light,
  2. take the slip road to your left, you’ll be on Mandi Road.
  3. Drive about 5km till you reach Jonapur,
  4. at the end of the Jonapur market take a left turn (the turn is just before the State Bank of India),
  5. turn left after 100m,
  6. and then a left turn again after approx. 50m.

go to the event page for A Celebration of Design, Art and Culture:

read more about Serendipity:

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