Oktoberfest Menu

Oktoberfest Recipe-framed
Recipe: the perfect Oktoberfest

Each year around this time Munich, Germany, gets busy with a super-large party – the Oktoberfest. Held since 1810, the Oktoberfest has become the largest funfair around the globe.

You could celebrate your very own Oktoberfest here in New Delhi too.

In case you want to follow suit in terms of size and organize Delhi’s biggest party of the season we wish you a good time doing that ;).

However, if you want to recreate the joy, happiness and good food of the Oktoberfest, then invite us to your party. We’ll make sure your guests will have a real Oktoberfest meal.

Here is a menu that you could offer your guests to re-create the delightful treats of Munich’s traditional Oktoberfest:


oktoberfest menu

Looking for more information? Want to place an order right away or want us to make you an offer or set your menu? We are waiting for you to get in touch at order[at]ernas.at

for catering and home delivery come on over to www.ernasgourmet.com

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