Sunday Brunch @ Serendipity

Sunday Brunch FlyerDear friend of good food,

save the date, Sunday 6 days from now & come over to Serendipity, where Erna’s Gourmet will conjure up a rustic European Brunch with a touch of Austria, France and more.

On the menu: Tasty Spreads made from fresh cheese, rucola, parsley, potatoes and more as well as the French classic: Quiche. Savor Austrian Sweet Bread with a heart of jam (Buchteln) along with a Cheese or Ham Omlette (chicken).

Come over with your friends and family to eat, relax, marvel the weather and beautiful designs all around the haveli.

When:         Sunday,October 19, 2014, 12 to 4pm

Where:        Serendipity, 238/4, Jonapur 9 (Chattarpur), Mandi Road, New Delhi -110047

RSVP:         Serendipity:,  t: 98 107 45 141

Erna’s Gourmet:, t: 98 188 955 46

Meanderings about Love on a Monday morning…  share with friends and spread the love!

Love (or the lack of it) is a companion in almost everybody’s life. It has definitely been a red thread throughout my live & work. I have looked for it, I grew up being surrounded by it, I’ve experimented with it, I’ve enjoyed it, as a matter of principle I have protected it and definitely very often de- and reconstructed the meaning of it – to conclude that a clear definition has eluded me so far.

Recently, I came across this incredibly powerful statement by James Baldwin. Simple & clear, it renders all attempts to define love redundant:

 “And love will simply have no choice but to go into battle with space and time, and furthermore, to win.”

(James Baldwin
Nothing Personal, a collaboration with photographer Richard Avedon)

Isn’t that exactly how it goes whenever you really believe in something or when you truly love someone? Aren’t passion, conviction, compassion, care,.. all forms of love that follow the same clear and doubtless trajectory?

In this spirit, enjoy your week with lots of love and we at Erna’s Gourmet look forward to serving you a European Brunch on Sunday.


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