Recipe: Vegan Jackfruit & Dates Ice Cream

As promised in my last blog post I am today sharing the ice cream recipe inspired by my vegan friend Anjali Gopalan of the animal sanctuary All Creatures Great and Small and the HIV/AIDS agency Naz India. It’s super simple, vegan, sugar free and delicious.


Here is your shopping list: IMG_1614

200ml coconut milk

100g ripe jackfruit

75g dry dates  IMG_1093

Blend the jackfruit.


Add coconut milk and dates to the jackfruit and continue blending till you get a smooth and even mixture.


Use six ice cream popsicle moulds.


Fill the mixture into the ice cream popsicle moulds and freeze.

Anjali Gopalan with Popsicle

Share with your friends and get blessings in return.

Enjoy and guten Appetit,  

Chef  Maya-Lisa

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