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Erna used to conjure up specialties for her loved ones in the lush green of the Austrian Alps. Now, we do it for you in New Delhi!

Share with friends and spread the love!

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My grandmother Erna, was born in 1917 in a small mountain village in Carinthia, Austria. After her schooling she went for travels to other parts of Austria and Switzerland where she fended for herself by conjuring up delicacies as maid and cook.

In the late 1930’s she returned back to her native village, met Willi, both fell in love and married. They had three children. Since then Erna used to conjure up delicacies for her loved ones in the lush green of the Austrian Alps.

One of their children is my mother. I am Maya-Lisa Shanker, an Austrian with a Bihari touch.

Fast-forward to 2007: I had been spending the majority of my time in India for the past few years and decided to create my own little Austria here in India, taking on the challenge of starting a business.

Spurned by my grandmother’s passion to cook, bake, mix, and create, I created our very first product: Erna’s HerbButter.

Spurned by its success (especially in combination with aloo parantha) I created a few more Tasty Spreads.

Today, in 2012, Erna’s Gourmet runs a small gourmet kitchen in South Delhi and you can choose from close to 40 products – all made to traditional Austrian, German, and European recipes.

Erna’s cuisine is on the one hand rustic, down-to-earth, and subtle while on the other hand sophisticated, smart, and skillfully prepared.

You can order Erna’s specialties to your home or office. You can also call us for small catering parties, upto 50 people.
How to order Erna’s specialties:

1.       Click here to sign up or sign in.
2.       Choose your favorite dishes.
3.       Place your order, let us know preferred order date/time.
4.       Enjoy your meal!

Home Delivery:

You can order your favorite dishes to your home or office. Click here for more information on home-delivery areas and charges.

Erna’s Gourmet

1265, D-1

New Delhi, del IN

We love to listen!
And we would love to hear from you. Need help or just don’t like placing orders over the Net? Contact Us on phone +91-98 188 955 46 (Monday to Saturday, 10am to 7pm)

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