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Roast Pork


Ahh, winter season is setting in and the temperatures are slowly dropping, that’s the perfect time for hearty meals.

Today we’d like to share with you a very hearty way to treat your guests: Roast pork belly with a crusty top, red cabbage, potato dumplings and a beer sauce.

If you are a home-chef and want to try your hand on this, write to us, we’ll tell you how to go about it.

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Christoph Waltz on the Difference between Austrians and Germans

People often ask me about the difference between Austrian and German food. At a distance of thousands of kilometers how do you explain subtle differences? And how do you explain that those subtle differences are less between Upper Austria (Austria) and Bavaria (Germany) situated adjacent to each other as compared to a traditional meal you could get in Munich and Berlin?

For one of my German customers the traditional Austrian Wienerschnitzel tastes as much of home as does the Curry Sausage (specialty of Berlin) for another of my Austrian customers.

And still, upon being asked we love to stereotype as inappropriately as possible and love to underline the differences between Austrians and Germans. Christoph Waltz does this with fantastic humor and you will find (after me trying to dissect the subtle differences) there are actually no similarities.







Who said Austrian Food is Boring?

Apple Strudel-framed

Many times, when I am introduced to people as Austrian cuisine chef people give me a blank look and ask: so what do you cook? Boil potatoes and fry meat?

Doesn’t sound very exciting, isn’t it?

BUT, wait a minute, did you know that, over the centuries, Austrian food has been influenced by the scrumptious cuisines of its neighboring countries such as Italy, Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland and more?

That means, we have our very own ravioli, and they are delicious. Even our national dish, the Wienerschnitzel is often reclaimed by our neighbors in Italy as Milanese Escalope. Imagine, even the dessert that we Austrians are so proud of as our very own tradition: Austrian apple strudel apparently stems from the Turkish baklava, isn’t that fun?

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Gratitude & happiness: thanks for all your love during the party-season!

Gratitude & happiness: thanks for all your love during the party-season!

Atmen – Breathing Filmscreening at New Delhi

Breathing won awards in Cannes and Sarajevo and is now coming to New Delhi, yay!

For more information and details I have copied the text of the announcement from the Austrian Embassy in New Delhi:

Austrian Film Night in New Delhi – “ATMEN”

Mr. Michael Heinz, Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum of the Austrian Embassy New Delhi is inviting to a special Austrian Cultural Forum Film Club Screening of the film ATMEN (BREATHING):


When:           Wednesday, 23 April 2014, 7pm

Where:          Austrian Cultural Forum

                      EP 13 Chandragupta Marg


                      New Delhi 110021

 The movie will be shown in German langauge with English subtitles.

Please join us for a reception after the screening hosted by the Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum.

 Entry is free, but seats are limited and RSVP by Tuesday, 22 April is essential.

Please bring your Photo ID for entry at the gate.

The directorial debut film by award-winning Austrian actor Karl Markovics shows how 19-year old Roman who lives in a young offender‘s institution and finds an unconventional job in a funeral home which shows him the path back to life.

19-year-old Roman Kogler has a chance to be released early from his young offenders’ institution. The odds are against him, however: he is an uncommunicative and solitary character without a family and doesn’t seem to be fit for re-socialization. As a day-release prisoner he has a job at a funeral home. Of all things, it is this job dealing with death that shows him the path back to life.


Enjoy your Holi and Easter Festivities

oops, here should be a pic of Easter Eggs

Colored Easter Eggs.

ooops, here should be a pic of Holi colors

Holi colors

Two religions, two cultures, two festivals, one origin?

Quite fascinatingly both festivals of colors, Easter and Holi, are celebrated around the same time of the year, both mark the beginning of spring and are festivals of fertility.

Happy Holi, Happy Easter, happy spring from Erna’s Gourmet!

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Rants about Heimat

Written by: Maya

Forget about the translation into English,

even in German the meaning of the wo

rd “Heimat” is widely discussed. Therefore I am presenting here my own definition or rather explanation of it.

“Heimat” connotes the place where I was born, where I grew up, and above all the places and the people who influenced the formation of the “me” – overall, there is a sense of belonging.

oops, here should be the Church of St. Peter/Radenthein

Church of St. Peter/Radenthein, Carinthia, Austria. Memory & Heimat-feeling: I used to run up the hill, would enter the pic on the leftern lower corner, run over the grass to the shop on the right to buy groceries.

This idea of Heimat gives me a sense of belonging and anchorage and is at the same time fluid, elusive and continuously on the move. It seems to be a steady re-invention of where I belong and who I am.

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