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Erna’s Jackfruit-Dates Ice-Popsicle & Animal Rights

Anjali Gopalan with Popsicle

Animal & human rights activist Anjali Gopalan enjoying a vegan ice-popsicle

One of my favourite get-aways around Delhi is All Creatures Great and Small, an animal shelter/paradise run by my lovely friend and animal + human rights activist Anjali Gopalan.

 Since Anjali is vegan with a very, very sweet tooth I decided to make some ice cream for her and grabbed the opportunity to ask her a few questions about food while she was eating her popsicle.

 Why are you vegan?

I have been vegetarian for a very long time. A few years ago, when I started work with animals I witnessed the plight of cows and their calves. Male calves were starved to death because they are of no use and their mother’s milk is taken away for human consumption. If felt bad for the calves and thought what I could do for them.

19989114_10155314065595575_761261416_n How has a vegan lifestyle changed the way you look at food?

I did some research and realised that milk and milk products are not an essential necessity for human nutrition and I decided I could do without, veganism made sense for me.

 The only thing I need to take care of is to keep the Vitamin B12 levels balanced, for that I take supplements.

 In return, I feel that my energy levels are higher and it helped, along with other measures, control my sugar levels.

Overall being vegan is a solution where everyone benefits: I feel healthier and I contribute to a kinder and more compassionate world.

Thank you Anjali!


I invite you to come over to watch this lovely video on All Creatures Great and Small by India Today.

And for those who have a sweet tooth like Anjali, I will write down the vegan ice cream recipe in my next blog post… so stay tuned.

Greetings and guten Appetit,

 Chef Maya-Lisa

New Weekly Meal: Carinthian Dumplings

carinthian dumpling meal-framed

Carinthian Dumpling stuffed with quark, potatoes & mint.

Carinthia is a state in the South of Austria bordering to Italy. The Carinthian Dumplings are thicker than the Italian ravioli and definitely bigger than our beloved Tibetan momos.

Enjoy Erna’s current Weekly Meal that contains Zucchini Cream Soup followed by Carinthian Dumplings (choose: Quark-Potato-Mint or Smoked & Minced Chicken Stuffing) with a good serving of Salad with Yoghurt Dressing.

Info for our vegetarian friends: this meal contains egg.

Weekly Meal Carinthian Dumpling with Logo


Pasta Bolognese

oops, heres supposed to be a fab pic of Pasta Bolognese

Pasta Bolognese

Pasta all Bolognese is a delicious and hearty meat sauce that finds its origins in the North of Italy. Its first mention dates back to the 19th century somewhere close the lively and historic city of Bologna.

It is also this sauce that is probably Bologna’s most famous export: Pasta Bolognese conquered the world as Spaghetti Bolognese.

Did you know that the Italians would never eat their Sauce Bolognese with Spaghetti? Meat sauces are generally eaten with fettucine or other pasta that helps the meat stick to the pasta.

Fettucine or spaghetti, you simply enjoy as you like it best…

To order Erna’s fabulous Pasta Bolognese, come over to or call us on 98 188 955 46.

COMING SOON: We deliver to you in 60 minutes in Vasant Kunj, Vasant Vihar and Chattarpur.

Follow the link to some stunning pictures of Bologna.

Rustic Nostalgia

Austria before 1914If you’re still looking for a theme for this weekend, then we have one for you: rustic nostalgia.

Enjoy a rustic Saturday with your friends. Dish up a delicious Oktoberfest meal with free flowing beer and wine for your guests.

On Sunday, come over to the National Crafts Museum to an exhibition brought to you by the Austrian Cultural Forum of the Austrian Embassy New Delhi.

austria before 1914The exhibition entitled The Eventful Lull Before the Storm – The period before 1914 is curated by Naresh Kapuria, and promises to showcase the artistic, scientific and philosophical richness of Austrian culture before the First World War.

Despite being 1000s of kilometers away & 100 years on, I’m quite sure you will be able to indulge in the nostalgic past of Austria before World War I at this exhibition.

Exhibition The Eventful Lull Before the Storm – The period before 1914

New Delhi: 12-16 October 2014


The Mezzanine Gallery, Crafts Museum, Bhairon Marg, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi (entry from crafts demonstration area)austria before 1914

Exhibition timings:

12 October until 16 October 2014 from 10 am to 5 pm

(closed on Monday, 13 October,2014)

Oktoberfest Menu

Oktoberfest Recipe-framed
Recipe: the perfect Oktoberfest

Each year around this time Munich, Germany, gets busy with a super-large party – the Oktoberfest. Held since 1810, the Oktoberfest has become the largest funfair around the globe.

You could celebrate your very own Oktoberfest here in New Delhi too.

In case you want to follow suit in terms of size and organize Delhi’s biggest party of the season we wish you a good time doing that ;).

However, if you want to recreate the joy, happiness and good food of the Oktoberfest, then invite us to your party. We’ll make sure your guests will have a real Oktoberfest meal.

Here is a menu that you could offer your guests to re-create the delightful treats of Munich’s traditional Oktoberfest:


oktoberfest menu

Looking for more information? Want to place an order right away or want us to make you an offer or set your menu? We are waiting for you to get in touch at order[at]

for catering and home delivery come on over to |


Beautiful Haveli & Good Food

ooops. here should be the invite for A Celebration of Design, Art and Culture

Today, I’d like you to know about a beautiful place in Chattarpur, a haveli that has been lovingly restored by Serendipity – to run a concept store.

You can also book the place for a special get-together or brunch, serve food prepared by Erna’s Gourmet & create a memorable experience for your friends and family.

This weekend is a nice opportunity to check them out because they are organising a super-interesting event:  “A Celebration of Design, Art & Culture”.

… fall in love with QREOH’s collection – those amazing people who discover independent designers for you,

…. or shop cloths for your kids at Ek Karkhana,
… listen to fabulous performers like Vidya Shah
… there will be more, more, more for you to watch, listen & shop.
Sounds like a plan? Enjoy your weekend!

P.s.: for bookings of the location, get in touch with Kuldeep Kaur at serendipitydelhi13[at]gmail[dot]com

How to get to Serendipity:

Directions:       6 easy steps to get to the fabulous Serendipity haveli.

  1. cross the Chattarpur red light,
  2. take the slip road to your left, you’ll be on Mandi Road.
  3. Drive about 5km till you reach Jonapur,
  4. at the end of the Jonapur market take a left turn (the turn is just before the State Bank of India),
  5. turn left after 100m,
  6. and then a left turn again after approx. 50m.

go to the event page for A Celebration of Design, Art and Culture:

read more about Serendipity:

Like us on Facebook:

Erna’s Gourmet In the Media

Photograph: Ruhani Kaur

Here’s a link to our page where we collect articles and links to magazines and newspapers that have featured Erna’s specialties and delicacies.

Erna’s Gourmet has already featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Times of India, Open Magazine, Time Out Delhi and more.

Journalists like Avantika Bhuyan, Soumya Mukherji and more have been following our story.

Quark Strudel – a dessert long-travelled

Quark Strudel

Erna’s fabulous Quark Strudel that will make your guests ask for more, more, more

Today we’d like to introduce Erna’s Quark Strudel.

Quark Strudel is a dough pulled till really thin, filled with quark, vanilla and raisins, rolled and baked.

Although Quark Strudel is a classic of the Austrian or Viennese kitchen its origin is a reminiscent of the  Austrian-Hungarian empire that spread over large parts of Europe. A great aspect of the empire was that the many cultures and geographies influenced and confluenced into today’s fabulous Viennese and Austrian cuisine.

The Quark Strudel originally came from Turkey via Hungary to Austria and alas, now we brought it all the way to India.

Serve Quark Strudel (warm) as dessert with coffee and a thin vanilla custard sauce to your guests, friends, loved ones and be assured of having them over again soon for some more…

…for tasty spreads, healthy, wrapped & packed menus and more Austrian, German, European specialties come over to

A Visit to the Honeybee Master

oops, here should be a pic of the honeybee master

honeybee master at work

Mr. Tuppinger, the honeybee-master in Obermillstatt, is a very interesting guy. He’s been to all corners of the world and back and finally decided to settle in a small village of Carinthia called Obermillstatt to make natural and organic honey. He loves his bees, he takes care of them and he loves to share his vast knowledge about honey and bees.

oops here should be a pic of the Alpine rose

Mr. Tuppinger’s Carnica bees are real gourmands. He takes them up onto the mountain pastures and they go far to collect honey from the Alpine rose. This is a real specialty in the shop too.

To make a long story short: now he travels long and far up and down the mountains with his bees to get them to make the best honey. During summers he settles them onto the mountain pastures of the National Parks of High Tauern and Nockberge. They enjoy their summers just like Heidi and her friends.

Depending on where the bees are, the season and what they eat the honeys have distinct flavours, colours, and consistencies. For a long time honey used to be the only sweetener for desserts and cakes in Austria. It is not too long that traveling salespeople took sugar from India and thus revolutionized the production of a cheaper sweetener in Europe.

Whenever you’re on a holiday in Carinthia, you should go and check out the honeybee master, his wife and their bees. They even have a little shop with food and health products from their bees, like royal jelly, candles and of course honeys.

oops, here should be a picture of Mrs and Mrs. Tuppinger

Mr. and Mrs. Tuppinger

Unfortunately, their webpage is only in German, but there are nice pics and a map too. Here’s the link:

Dolls for boys and girls – Elli Riehl

The heat in Delhi is steaming up and school- holidays are around the corner – the perfect time to pack up the kids and get out.

Spring and summer are also the best seasons for going on a vacation to Austria. The cities are beautiful with all the culture and fabulous architecture they have on offer. I have no words for the country-side: it is simply stunning.

Today I’d like to tell you about a doll museum in Austria.

To be honest, I hardly ever played with dolls as a child. Straying around, getting myself dirty and playing with boys used to be so much more interesting and fun. One of the only memories I have that come close to dolls is the Doll Museum of Elli Riehl near Villach in the Southern state of Carinthia.

Ellie Riehl, a woman born in 1902 in the region dedicated her life to creating dolls: boys, girls, adults, angels, and more creating scenes from the life of people around her. So you can say: nothing much exciting.

When I was a tiny kid, my mother, who was born and grew up in the same region took us to that museum. I have to admit that I do not remember much of the visit itself. However, the dolls have remained in my memory till date. They elude a zest for life and give you a feeling of happiness that is difficult to describe, even now when I looked at the pictures, they gave me the same sense of comfort that they gave me then.

Maybe my nostalgia is taking me on a complete trip right now but I still suggest you pack your bags quickly, book your tickets  and zoooom off to Austria.

If you still have time for a good meal in New Delhi, then enjoy Erna’s Carinthian Dumplings. Carinthian Dumplings are a specialty from that region. They are easiest described as Austrian Ravioli that pride themselves with a thicker dough.

Enjoy your meal with!


Ellie Riehl Doll Muesum (sorry this one is only in German, but the pictures speak an international language)

How to get there:,en,SCH1/objectId,RGN772at,curr,EUR,season,at1,selectedEntry,home,_lang,en/home.html

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