Summery Menu

All new, new, new on Erna’s Menu. To help you quench the summer heat we added some shakes & smoothies.

The latest Weekly Menu is also all geared to make you travel through the entire Europe in one meal (the quiche is from France, the Tomato Salad made to an Italian recipe, the Borscht (Red Beetroot Soup) will take you all the way to Eastern Europe ad the Fruity Delight often eaten during summers in Austria.

Quiche Meal Menu

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Happy Holi & Easter

Easter Box-framed

This year, Holi and Easter, the two festivals I associate with colors and happiness are celebrated only two days apart from each other.

Holi hai!!! is already over and Happy Easter is just about to come.

As an appreciation for your patronage and as a token of gratitude – just because, we are adding a Happy Holi & Easter Surprise Box/Bag to every order we send out.

Corn Choco Betroot Lollipop-framed

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The surprise wouldn’t remain a surprise if we’d tell you here on a public forum, but we decided to give you sneak-preview with this corn-oats-choco-beetroot flakes lollipop. The beetroot flakes are our attempt to make Holi and Easter colourful with natural colors.

Enjoy the holidays, look within what is important and enjoy good food!


for the Team at Erna’s Gourmet

New Weekly Meal: Carinthian Dumplings

carinthian dumpling meal-framed

Carinthian Dumpling stuffed with quark, potatoes & mint.

Carinthia is a state in the South of Austria bordering to Italy. The Carinthian Dumplings are thicker than the Italian ravioli and definitely bigger than our beloved Tibetan momos.

Enjoy Erna’s current Weekly Meal that contains Zucchini Cream Soup followed by Carinthian Dumplings (choose: Quark-Potato-Mint or Smoked & Minced Chicken Stuffing) with a good serving of Salad with Yoghurt Dressing.

Info for our vegetarian friends: this meal contains egg.

Weekly Meal Carinthian Dumpling with Logo


Christoph Waltz on the Difference between Austrians and Germans

People often ask me about the difference between Austrian and German food. At a distance of thousands of kilometers how do you explain subtle differences? And how do you explain that those subtle differences are less between Upper Austria (Austria) and Bavaria (Germany) situated adjacent to each other as compared to a traditional meal you could get in Munich and Berlin?

For one of my German customers the traditional Austrian Wienerschnitzel tastes as much of home as does the Curry Sausage (specialty of Berlin) for another of my Austrian customers.

And still, upon being asked we love to stereotype as inappropriately as possible and love to underline the differences between Austrians and Germans. Christoph Waltz does this with fantastic humor and you will find (after me trying to dissect the subtle differences) there are actually no similarities.







Chitti Aai Hai – thanks for your review

Beetroot Salad

Beetroot Salad

Sujit Pillai says he loves Austrian food. I was thrilled when he ordered. A new customer AND he already knew about Austrian food, that’s quite rare. Generally people wonder: what is Austrian food about? Sausages and potatoes?

Yes, we Austrians love to eat sausages, and we adore our potatoes, but we have a few more delish dishes on offer too.

Sujit organised a get-together for his friends and their kids. Here is what he had to say in an sms:

Hello Maya, Wonderful food. Loved the egg salad and beetroot salad. Everyone was very happy. The dumplings were very nice too. Sujit

We are glad you and your guests enjoyed and we are grateful that you took out the time to write and call to let us know.

Guten Appetit, enjoy your meal and we look forward to serving you again!

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ooops, here should be a Sour Dumpling.Sour Dumpling – that’s what you can do with your leftovers after a party: cut the bread dumplings, add onions, parsley, vinegar, oil and a few bites of ham… and ready is your Sour Dumpling.

MealBag Menu

Enjoy our latest MealBag Menu. Your lunch will be different and delicious. At Erna’s we love to cook rustic, wholesome and stylish food.

We deliver in Vasant Kunj, Vasant Vihar, Chattarpur, Chanakyapuri, Safdarjung, etc. and we request you to give us an advance notice of 2 hours.

We change the menu approximately every two to three weeks and love to incorporate the current season and vegetables.

Guten Appetit & enjoy your meal!

oops, here should be a menu for you to choose your lunch

Erna’s Gourmet Lunch Meal


Pasta Bolognese

oops, heres supposed to be a fab pic of Pasta Bolognese

Pasta Bolognese

Pasta all Bolognese is a delicious and hearty meat sauce that finds its origins in the North of Italy. Its first mention dates back to the 19th century somewhere close the lively and historic city of Bologna.

It is also this sauce that is probably Bologna’s most famous export: Pasta Bolognese conquered the world as Spaghetti Bolognese.

Did you know that the Italians would never eat their Sauce Bolognese with Spaghetti? Meat sauces are generally eaten with fettucine or other pasta that helps the meat stick to the pasta.

Fettucine or spaghetti, you simply enjoy as you like it best…

To order Erna’s fabulous Pasta Bolognese, come over to or call us on 98 188 955 46.

COMING SOON: We deliver to you in 60 minutes in Vasant Kunj, Vasant Vihar and Chattarpur.

Follow the link to some stunning pictures of Bologna.

Sing the song of Baked Ham Pasta | Schinkenfleckerl

ooops, here should be a pic of delicious ham pasta

handmade pasta, ham, sourcream and lots of love!

“Fleckerl” is an Austrian term for diced slices of pasta. “Schinken” is German for “ham”. Baked Ham Pasta is a baked casserole made from pasta, ham (as the name suggests) sourcream, herbs and other spices.

For our Delhi gourmands we have mixed up a version of Baked Ham Noodles that you will find unforgettable: lots of ham & lots and lots of aroma.

In 1935, Hermann Leopoldi immortalized this dish by singing (sorry this is a very bad translation by me that does not do justice to Leopoldi’s singing and wit): why does the ham always play hide and seek with the pasta in this dish? The pasta will always cover the ham pieces.

And that’s exactly how it happens when you eat Schinkenfleckerl: when looking at it, you will invariably end up searching the ham, as if there is not enough in it. Whereas the taste will make you keep coming back for more.

Here is Hermann Leopoldi, 1935 immortalising this delicious dish:

Give us a day’s notice and we’ll deliver your tray of Baked Ham Pasta and more to your doorstep. Come over here to order:

Erna’s Catering

ooops, her should be a pic of a lovely waiter

our lovely waiters serving canapes.

My friends have been shouting at me because they want to see visuals of the catering assignments we do and I have been shouting back that I am rather hopeless in taking pictures.

I know that’s bad behavior, so I decided to listen to friends & customers, here I am sharing a few pics with you. Enjoy…

Looking for catering, crockery, cutlery, glasses, waiters and more? Get in touch on BeOurGuest(at)

ooops, here should be some delicious sandwiches

Rucola in all its forms is delicious and sandwiches are an all-time favorite for young and old.

ooops, here should be a cheese sandwich

Cheese, bread & vegetables a delectable combination.

Cucumber and Tomato Salads

Cucumber and Tomato Salads

that's how your buffet table could look like too

that’s how your buffet table could look like too

Quiche waiting to be served...

Quiche waiting to be served…

Pretty table decos are half the food, so they say.... and man, they are right!

Pretty table decos are half the food, so they say…. and man, they are right!

Sunday Brunch @ Serendipity

Sunday Brunch FlyerDear friend of good food,

save the date, Sunday 6 days from now & come over to Serendipity, where Erna’s Gourmet will conjure up a rustic European Brunch with a touch of Austria, France and more.

On the menu: Tasty Spreads made from fresh cheese, rucola, parsley, potatoes and more as well as the French classic: Quiche. Savor Austrian Sweet Bread with a heart of jam (Buchteln) along with a Cheese or Ham Omlette (chicken).

Come over with your friends and family to eat, relax, marvel the weather and beautiful designs all around the haveli.

When:         Sunday,October 19, 2014, 12 to 4pm

Where:        Serendipity, 238/4, Jonapur 9 (Chattarpur), Mandi Road, New Delhi -110047

RSVP:         Serendipity:,  t: 98 107 45 141

Erna’s Gourmet:, t: 98 188 955 46

Meanderings about Love on a Monday morning…  share with friends and spread the love!

Love (or the lack of it) is a companion in almost everybody’s life. It has definitely been a red thread throughout my live & work. I have looked for it, I grew up being surrounded by it, I’ve experimented with it, I’ve enjoyed it, as a matter of principle I have protected it and definitely very often de- and reconstructed the meaning of it – to conclude that a clear definition has eluded me so far.

Recently, I came across this incredibly powerful statement by James Baldwin. Simple & clear, it renders all attempts to define love redundant:

 “And love will simply have no choice but to go into battle with space and time, and furthermore, to win.”

(James Baldwin
Nothing Personal, a collaboration with photographer Richard Avedon)

Isn’t that exactly how it goes whenever you really believe in something or when you truly love someone? Aren’t passion, conviction, compassion, care,.. all forms of love that follow the same clear and doubtless trajectory?

In this spirit, enjoy your week with lots of love and we at Erna’s Gourmet look forward to serving you a European Brunch on Sunday.

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