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Happy Holi & Easter

Easter Box-framed

This year, Holi and Easter, the two festivals I associate with colors and happiness are celebrated only two days apart from each other.

Holi hai!!! is already over and Happy Easter is just about to come.

As an appreciation for your patronage and as a token of gratitude – just because, we are adding a Happy Holi & Easter Surprise Box/Bag to every order we send out.

Corn Choco Betroot Lollipop-framed

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The surprise wouldn’t remain a surprise if we’d tell you here on a public forum, but we decided to give you sneak-preview with this corn-oats-choco-beetroot flakes lollipop. The beetroot flakes are our attempt to make Holi and Easter colourful with natural colors.

Enjoy the holidays, look within what is important and enjoy good food!


for the Team at Erna’s Gourmet


Chanakyapuri Lunch Reminder for Wednesday, September 10, 2013

#Chanakyapuri Lunch Reminder: order now (Tuesday till 1pm) for your lunch tomorrow (Wednesday)
This week enjoy Erna’s Goulash Meal:
Menu I (chicken)
Sour-cream Soup (Sauerrahmsuppe) with croutons
Chicken Goulash served with Napkin Dumpling and cucumber salad with clear dressing.Menu II (vegetarian, contains egg)
Sour-cream Soup (Sauerrahmsuppe) with croutons
French Bean Goulash served with Napkin Dumpling and cucumber salad with clear dressing.
Gulasch-framed rough
How to order:
1) order now till 1pm for your lunch tomorrow (Wendnesday)
2) offer valid only for deliveries in Chanakyapuri.
3) minimum order quantity: 1 meal.
4) to order send an email to order@ernas.at now with your (1) name, (2) address, (3) phone number and (4) menu choice now for your lunch tomorrow.
5) limited number of meals available
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