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Chef Maya-Lisa @ Recipe Exchange Program

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Last week Erna’s Gourmet participated in a Recipe Exchange Program organised by Buon Cibo in New Delhi. Buon Cibo partnered with Foodlcoud to select the most innovative recipes to be published in a cook book, Erna’s Apple Strudel being one of them.

Chef Maya-Lisa of Erna’s Gourmet stood question & answer participants had regarding the recipe.

We met enthusiastic home-chefs, budding food entrepreneurs and enjoyed the energy good food brings with it.

Enjoy your meal & guten Appetit!

Quark Strudel – a dessert long-travelled

Quark Strudel

Erna’s fabulous Quark Strudel that will make your guests ask for more, more, more

Today we’d like to introduce Erna’s Quark Strudel.

Quark Strudel is a dough pulled till really thin, filled with quark, vanilla and raisins, rolled and baked.

Although Quark Strudel is a classic of the Austrian or Viennese kitchen its origin is a reminiscent of the  Austrian-Hungarian empire that spread over large parts of Europe. A great aspect of the empire was that the many cultures and geographies influenced and confluenced into today’s fabulous Viennese and Austrian cuisine.

The Quark Strudel originally came from Turkey via Hungary to Austria and alas, now we brought it all the way to India.

Serve Quark Strudel (warm) as dessert with coffee and a thin vanilla custard sauce to your guests, friends, loved ones and be assured of having them over again soon for some more…

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