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Happy Holi & Easter

Easter Box-framed

This year, Holi and Easter, the two festivals I associate with colors and happiness are celebrated only two days apart from each other.

Holi hai!!! is already over and Happy Easter is just about to come.

As an appreciation for your patronage and as a token of gratitude – just because, we are adding a Happy Holi & Easter Surprise Box/Bag to every order we send out.

Corn Choco Betroot Lollipop-framed

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The surprise wouldn’t remain a surprise if we’d tell you here on a public forum, but we decided to give you sneak-preview with this corn-oats-choco-beetroot flakes lollipop. The beetroot flakes are our attempt to make Holi and Easter colourful with natural colors.

Enjoy the holidays, look within what is important and enjoy good food!


for the Team at Erna’s Gourmet


New Weekly Meal: Carinthian Dumplings

carinthian dumpling meal-framed

Carinthian Dumpling stuffed with quark, potatoes & mint.

Carinthia is a state in the South of Austria bordering to Italy. The Carinthian Dumplings are thicker than the Italian ravioli and definitely bigger than our beloved Tibetan momos.

Enjoy Erna’s current Weekly Meal that contains Zucchini Cream Soup followed by Carinthian Dumplings (choose: Quark-Potato-Mint or Smoked & Minced Chicken Stuffing) with a good serving of Salad with Yoghurt Dressing.

Info for our vegetarian friends: this meal contains egg.

Weekly Meal Carinthian Dumpling with Logo


A Visit to the Honeybee Master

oops, here should be a pic of the honeybee master

honeybee master at work

Mr. Tuppinger, the honeybee-master in Obermillstatt, is a very interesting guy. He’s been to all corners of the world and back and finally decided to settle in a small village of Carinthia called Obermillstatt to make natural and organic honey. He loves his bees, he takes care of them and he loves to share his vast knowledge about honey and bees.

oops here should be a pic of the Alpine rose

Mr. Tuppinger’s Carnica bees are real gourmands. He takes them up onto the mountain pastures and they go far to collect honey from the Alpine rose. This is a real specialty in the shop too.

To make a long story short: now he travels long and far up and down the mountains with his bees to get them to make the best honey. During summers he settles them onto the mountain pastures of the National Parks of High Tauern and Nockberge. They enjoy their summers just like Heidi and her friends.

Depending on where the bees are, the season and what they eat the honeys have distinct flavours, colours, and consistencies. For a long time honey used to be the only sweetener for desserts and cakes in Austria. It is not too long that traveling salespeople took sugar from India and thus revolutionized the production of a cheaper sweetener in Europe.

Whenever you’re on a holiday in Carinthia, you should go and check out the honeybee master, his wife and their bees. They even have a little shop with food and health products from their bees, like royal jelly, candles and of course honeys.

oops, here should be a picture of Mrs and Mrs. Tuppinger

Mr. and Mrs. Tuppinger

Unfortunately, their webpage is only in German, but there are nice pics and a map too. Here’s the link: http://www.bienenhof-millstaettersee.at

Want to become a German? It’s so easy

Click here if you want to become a German. It’s so easy…

This account of a British guy in Germany is quite funny – it describes Germany, but a “few” point apply to Austrians too. All I can say is that after having spent a significant amount of time in India, I still wait for the light to go green before crossing the road and shout at the cars almost running me over…

French Women Don’t Get Fat

At 16, in the bloom of my puberty I attempted my first and last diet. It lasted all of three hours. I had to make a decision between learning how to diet and learning how to love myself the way I am.

I chose the second – and ever since I’ve lived without indulging into diets (apart from the delicious diet-food my mother puts me on when I visit her).

 A couple of years ago, Mireille Guiliano’s witty style got me curious enough to read her book “French Women Don’t Get Fat”.

 No, I haven’t lost any weight after reading the book, but it has enriched me with a few good lunches and dinners.

Here, the link to Mireille Guiliano’s website: https://mireilleguiliano.com


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