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Chef Maya-Lisa @ Recipe Exchange Program

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Last week Erna’s Gourmet participated in a Recipe Exchange Program organised by Buon Cibo in New Delhi. Buon Cibo partnered with Foodlcoud to select the most innovative recipes to be published in a cook book, Erna’s Apple Strudel being one of them.

Chef Maya-Lisa of Erna’s Gourmet stood question & answer participants had regarding the recipe.

We met enthusiastic home-chefs, budding food entrepreneurs and enjoyed the energy good food brings with it.

Enjoy your meal & guten Appetit!

New Weekly Meal: Carinthian Dumplings

carinthian dumpling meal-framed

Carinthian Dumpling stuffed with quark, potatoes & mint.

Carinthia is a state in the South of Austria bordering to Italy. The Carinthian Dumplings are thicker than the Italian ravioli and definitely bigger than our beloved Tibetan momos.

Enjoy Erna’s current Weekly Meal that contains Zucchini Cream Soup followed by Carinthian Dumplings (choose: Quark-Potato-Mint or Smoked & Minced Chicken Stuffing) with a good serving of Salad with Yoghurt Dressing.

Info for our vegetarian friends: this meal contains egg.

Weekly Meal Carinthian Dumpling with Logo


Christoph Waltz on the Difference between Austrians and Germans

People often ask me about the difference between Austrian and German food. At a distance of thousands of kilometers how do you explain subtle differences? And how do you explain that those subtle differences are less between Upper Austria (Austria) and Bavaria (Germany) situated adjacent to each other as compared to a traditional meal you could get in Munich and Berlin?

For one of my German customers the traditional Austrian Wienerschnitzel tastes as much of home as does the Curry Sausage (specialty of Berlin) for another of my Austrian customers.

And still, upon being asked we love to stereotype as inappropriately as possible and love to underline the differences between Austrians and Germans. Christoph Waltz does this with fantastic humor and you will find (after me trying to dissect the subtle differences) there are actually no similarities.







Chitti Aai Hai – thanks for your review

Beetroot Salad

Beetroot Salad

Sujit Pillai says he loves Austrian food. I was thrilled when he ordered. A new customer AND he already knew about Austrian food, that’s quite rare. Generally people wonder: what is Austrian food about? Sausages and potatoes?

Yes, we Austrians love to eat sausages, and we adore our potatoes, but we have a few more delish dishes on offer too.

Sujit organised a get-together for his friends and their kids. Here is what he had to say in an sms:

Hello Maya, Wonderful food. Loved the egg salad and beetroot salad. Everyone was very happy. The dumplings were very nice too. Sujit

We are glad you and your guests enjoyed and we are grateful that you took out the time to write and call to let us know.

Guten Appetit, enjoy your meal and we look forward to serving you again!

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ooops, here should be a Sour Dumpling.Sour Dumpling – that’s what you can do with your leftovers after a party: cut the bread dumplings, add onions, parsley, vinegar, oil and a few bites of ham… and ready is your Sour Dumpling.

MealBag Menu

Enjoy our latest MealBag Menu. Your lunch will be different and delicious. At Erna’s we love to cook rustic, wholesome and stylish food.

We deliver in Vasant Kunj, Vasant Vihar, Chattarpur, Chanakyapuri, Safdarjung, etc. and we request you to give us an advance notice of 2 hours.

We change the menu approximately every two to three weeks and love to incorporate the current season and vegetables.

Guten Appetit & enjoy your meal!

oops, here should be a menu for you to choose your lunch

Erna’s Gourmet Lunch Meal


Rustic Nostalgia

Austria before 1914If you’re still looking for a theme for this weekend, then we have one for you: rustic nostalgia.

Enjoy a rustic Saturday with your friends. Dish up a delicious Oktoberfest meal with free flowing beer and wine for your guests.

On Sunday, come over to the National Crafts Museum to an exhibition brought to you by the Austrian Cultural Forum of the Austrian Embassy New Delhi.

austria before 1914The exhibition entitled The Eventful Lull Before the Storm – The period before 1914 is curated by Naresh Kapuria, and promises to showcase the artistic, scientific and philosophical richness of Austrian culture before the First World War.

Despite being 1000s of kilometers away & 100 years on, I’m quite sure you will be able to indulge in the nostalgic past of Austria before World War I at this exhibition.

Exhibition The Eventful Lull Before the Storm – The period before 1914

New Delhi: 12-16 October 2014


The Mezzanine Gallery, Crafts Museum, Bhairon Marg, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi (entry from crafts demonstration area)austria before 1914

Exhibition timings:

12 October until 16 October 2014 from 10 am to 5 pm

(closed on Monday, 13 October,2014)

Oktoberfest Menu

Oktoberfest Recipe-framed
Recipe: the perfect Oktoberfest

Each year around this time Munich, Germany, gets busy with a super-large party – the Oktoberfest. Held since 1810, the Oktoberfest has become the largest funfair around the globe.

You could celebrate your very own Oktoberfest here in New Delhi too.

In case you want to follow suit in terms of size and organize Delhi’s biggest party of the season we wish you a good time doing that ;).

However, if you want to recreate the joy, happiness and good food of the Oktoberfest, then invite us to your party. We’ll make sure your guests will have a real Oktoberfest meal.

Here is a menu that you could offer your guests to re-create the delightful treats of Munich’s traditional Oktoberfest:


oktoberfest menu

Looking for more information? Want to place an order right away or want us to make you an offer or set your menu? We are waiting for you to get in touch at order[at]ernas.at

for catering and home delivery come on over to www.ernasgourmet.com

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A Letter to You About Change & Good Food

rucola quiche olive walnut spread

Delicious food for you to offer at your next party.

Dear friend of good food,

isn’t it beautiful to observe seasons in change?

The temperatures are close to bearable now, friends are returning back to the city, and the energy to organize a party starts brewing.

Speaking of change, you might be able to relate when I tell you that I often want to try something new but then I keep hesitating and postponing it – simply out of fear it could go wrong… it might be a new dish on the menu, or a change in the way we deliver our services. Later, once everything is done and the new dish or service is a success (how else could it be 😉 ) then I realise I was simply scared of that fabulous & ever so constant event called “change”.

Can you relate? Itching for some change too? You might start by offering delicious European food to your friends and loved ones at your next party.

You could offer your guests dishes they know, like sandwiches or lasagne and spice it up with some lesser known and equally delicious specialties like spaetzle and goulash.

We will be happy to assist you with small parties for 10 to 50 people. For menu options and bookings get in touch today on +91-98 188 955 46 or order@ernas.at

I look forward to meeting you at your next party!


Maya-Lisa Shanker

(Erna’s Gourmet)

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email us order@ernas.at

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Who said Austrian Food is Boring?

Apple Strudel-framed

Many times, when I am introduced to people as Austrian cuisine chef people give me a blank look and ask: so what do you cook? Boil potatoes and fry meat?

Doesn’t sound very exciting, isn’t it?

BUT, wait a minute, did you know that, over the centuries, Austrian food has been influenced by the scrumptious cuisines of its neighboring countries such as Italy, Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland and more?

That means, we have our very own ravioli, and they are delicious. Even our national dish, the Wienerschnitzel is often reclaimed by our neighbors in Italy as Milanese Escalope. Imagine, even the dessert that we Austrians are so proud of as our very own tradition: Austrian apple strudel apparently stems from the Turkish baklava, isn’t that fun?

Order rustic, stylish and delicious food now in New Delhi! click here for Erna’s fabulous Apple Strudel and come over to http://www.ernasgourmet.com

Gratitude & happiness: thanks for all your love during the party-season!

Gratitude & happiness: thanks for all your love during the party-season!

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