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Greek Salad – classic, light & simply delicious

Greek Salad – a light and delicious classic.

This is a very light version of a Greek Salad that you can make along with a heavier lunch or dinner, like a Lamb-Moussaka or Vegetable Lasagne… you will surely delight your friends and family.

Here is what you need:

50g Salad leaves of your choice
35g Feta Cheese cut in cubes
200g Cucumber cut in pieces
200g Cocktail Tomatoes
20g Onions cut in small pieces
4 to 5 pieces of Olives

1 part Lemon juice
2 parts Extra Virgin Olive oil
Black pepper

Mix salad leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, and onions, stir in the dressing and top with Feta and olives. Simply delicious!

Enjoy your meal and remember to get in touch if you want us to home-deliver the Feta and if you are looking for a wonderful catering experience in Delhi!

Contact us on email: order@ernas.at or phone +91-98 188 955 46.

Erna’s Catering

ooops, her should be a pic of a lovely waiter

our lovely waiters serving canapes.

My friends have been shouting at me because they want to see visuals of the catering assignments we do and I have been shouting back that I am rather hopeless in taking pictures.

I know that’s bad behavior, so I decided to listen to friends & customers, here I am sharing a few pics with you. Enjoy…

Looking for catering, crockery, cutlery, glasses, waiters and more? Get in touch on BeOurGuest(at)ernasgourmet.com

ooops, here should be some delicious sandwiches

Rucola in all its forms is delicious and sandwiches are an all-time favorite for young and old.

ooops, here should be a cheese sandwich

Cheese, bread & vegetables a delectable combination.

Cucumber and Tomato Salads

Cucumber and Tomato Salads

that's how your buffet table could look like too

that’s how your buffet table could look like too

Quiche waiting to be served...

Quiche waiting to be served…

Pretty table decos are half the food, so they say.... and man, they are right!

Pretty table decos are half the food, so they say…. and man, they are right!

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